Operation: Hail Storm by Brette Araquette

There are simply too many decent books in the world and too little time to waste any on claptrap like this. OH is going to be my first DNF, despite the fact that the author contacted (rather, spammed) me with a free copy. It’s a definite boy-book (by which I only mean it is aimed at males – no offence guys, I know that none of my male friends would credit this book in the slightest!). There are already too many long boring descriptions about gadgets and technology to bear in the first 50 pages, and all the females are characterised as either vacant bimbos or smart and sexy leaders who wander around a military vessel in short skirts and gossip with each other about clothes, rather than acting in any way to suggest they might merit their status. I would compare the quality to a young lad’s creative writing piece for school. It might have been considered promising by his Year-6 teacher, but is rife with amateurish cliches, repetition, overuse of qualifiers and embarrassingly ‘formula’ characters and relationships.

1 (very lousy and reluctant) star.

Strangely, I’ve never noticed another book on GR with so many well liked 5* reviews. Given the evident proclivity of the marketing spam, I suspect foul play. There’s just no way *that* many people could be *that* enamoured with *this* book!


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