The Sixth Window by Rachel Abbott

Ooooh great ending, there’s a decided chill running down my spine! This had all the fun features of the archetypical detective novel (from the moving bookcase and secret room to the bantering police partnership and appearance of the obligatory creepy-forensics-guy :D) without being cheesy or predictable.
Rachel Abbott is great at plot twists and her stories come with a good balance of grit. She’s right on the money for the current psychological/crime drama trend and manages to do a decent job of it (her characters are interesting but believable, something that many other contemporary authors hopping on the bandwagon fail to achieve). It may not be particularly original but it’s good at being what it is. I’ve enjoyed all the books in this series and highly recommend it to any fans of Robert Galbraith‘s Strike series, Colin Dexter‘s Morse or Caroline Graham‘s Midsomer Murders. A solid 4 Stars.

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