Fearles #27 Shock by Francine Pascal

Well, I’m not loving this one. I’ve been enjoying revisiting this childhood favourite series but the last two books have flip-flopped like ducks with wet feet, this one particularly so. The plot seems to have sail-failed past unlikelihood into the bad soap-opera realms of the ludicrous. I can only assume FP woke up one morning and decided to turn a couple of trusted characters into traitors in an ill-advised attempt at plot-twistery. It doesn’t work – she inevitably contradicts a lot of earlier events in the series, or gives unsatisfactory explanations in an attempt to mollify her devoted readers. Maybe she’s assuming that by book 27 some of us have forgotten the earlier storyline? I was disappointed. Nevertheless, based on the strength of the first 25 I will persevere, bring on no. 28! Fingers crossed for a redeeming read.

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