The Higgs Boson, and Beyond – Lectures read by Professor Sean Carroll, Caltech

I learnt a huge amount from this, my only gripe was that Prof. Sean Carroll spoke too fast! I love that he’s enthusiastic about his subject but I had to keep rewinding, which got tiring. I’m actually going to listen to the whole thing again right away because I think having read the more complex later chapters and having the key facts reiterated a lot, I should be able to pick up on things that were a bit confusing on the first read. Highly, highly recommend – but be warned, this is seriously heavy stuff – I did A level physics and have a master’s in maths and I only really grasped maybe 1/3 of the material on the first read. Really fascinating though – I’m seriously considering aiming some of my future PhD research in a more theoretical-physicsy direction because this stuff is SOOO interesting. Thank you Sean Carroll!

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