The perks of living alone… and how to adapt them to cohabiting! (I)

So I found this beautiful set of pictures illustrating the perks of living alone – and it’s basically telling the story of my life up until a year or so ago- the girl in the pics even wears a Buffy T-shirt!! (I seriously think the artist must have met and based this work on me and my best friend Ali, might have to message them to find out!).

So basically I was pretty apprehensive about moving in with my husband – and aside from the obvious issues I had with eating around him – losing some of the perks described in this article were real worries for me, especially since hubby is not my dog’s no. 1 fan….

Having read through all the posts and looked at the matching pics though, I find that since moving in with my husband I can still get away with doing most of these things (particularly when he’s out and I’m not!) and some we can even have extra fun doing together! There are one or two of them I miss…. mainly the puppy ones… But I thought I’d post one of them every now and then with comments on how to make it work when cohabiting 😀

For starters then…

  1. Making a mess! (NOTICE THE BUFFY TEE!!!!)

Ok so there are a bunch of ways of getting away with this… the most effective, although perhaps not the most practical, is to hire a weekly cleaner for a couple of hours and go nut’s the day before they’re due 😉 Maybe make a weekly cleaner a condition of moving in together if it’s a possibility! Option 2: go nuts together, conk out together, clear up (laaaater) together. Finally, failing all the above… you could always negotiate – maybe there could be a day of the week where mess is allowed, provided you clean up another day.

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