Kendal Calling

Officially survived my first ever music festival! And it was uh-mazing, rain, mud, noise and all!

I was crazy nervous about the weekend’s tentular adventular – not least because of the prospect of managing my new fuckoffanorexia (hereafter to be refered to as FOA) lifestyle in a new environment. Admittedly I didn’t follow the meal plan everything 100% perfectly – but there was no aggro, chaos, leaving (even temporarily) or any kind of unpleasant, weekend-ruining shenanigans. Which I consider a MAJOR SUCCESS. I ate (and drank…!) enough to have plenty of energy and even managed to concoct a smarties porridge breakfast a la camping stove, which was amazing. Boooyah.

And then there was my star-studded moment of glory. Just a few hours in, while wading through the mudpocalypse, James (hubby) managed to convince me (admittedly a few sheets to the wind) to perform 3 songs in front of an audience for a free 45 minute shisha session (think vaping on hippie cushions in a hippie tent with a hippie bong). I figured most of the audience must be reasonably unsober and actually had the guts to get up and sing 3 songs, a cappella (like the nutjob I clearly am) – literally, me, a microphone, 50 odd strangers watching and no music. Went down surprisingly well and we got the shisha! Ahahaha – maybe they were taking pity on me? Worth it though – serious adrenaline high! Reckon I need to do some morestage performances to conquer this whole stage fright issue I have. I suppose I could construe it as PhD work in a way… #notkiddinganyone

The hot shower + pamper pass definitely helped. It maybe wasn’t worth it for the husband (he only used the toilets- whereas I took full advantage of my morning freshen-up and hair-dryer/curler/straightener facilities MANY TIMES. (totally rocked this pink afro look).

Definitetly recommend Club Pass with Miss Polly if it’s offered at any festivals y’all might be hitting up.

We didn’t watch many of the main acts – but the stuff at the smaller stages was waaaaay better because you could get right up front and no one was falling over and spilling beer on you!

Awesome experience, just wish we could afford the early-bird tickets for next year!

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