Mexico is A-GO!!!

Soooooooo, we officially have business class flights booked to Mexico this September! I made this board for motivation/inspiration to stay well until then.

The little plane follows the track through the clouds counting down the week. OMG it’s so cute you could die right? I particularly like the cameo from Dory >.<  The little plane is reversible too – and I have written economy on one side and business on the other so the side that shows up depends on my progress during the current week.

(No prizes for guessing which side means what, here’s to flying free of the great unwashed! #privilegedsnobbery #ridiculousunnecessaryexpense #idontcare). I think this week I should be on target but will find out for sure soon?! Can’t wait for this holiday – we want to do a bunch of physical activities (#dolphinhugs #scuba #highropes #eyebrowraisingfuntime) so therein lies the motivation. Flipper, I’m a-coming, save all your lovin’ for me!


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