Written with about as much skill as the Twilight series but lacking any trace of grace. To summarise (beware, spoilers!):

Dark, broody guy abuses beautiful, virtuous girl.
(Idiot) girl falls for him anyway.
Guy feels unworthy and valiantly fights his attraction to girl.
Guy turns out to be honourable deep down after all.
Girl becomes guy’s salvation.
They live happily ever after.

The main character was irritating and unnaturally virtuous. The scenes are so stagey – the drunk-dialling/valiant rescue, the guy’s ridiculous mood swings- and the clichéd narrative is unbearable.  It read like a bad teenage drama. On top of that, the contemporary slang and music references probably mean this one won’t have a long shelf life.

On a more positive note…

Generally, if sex scenes must be included I prefer allusions rather than blow by blow accounts. There is nothing subtle about the scenes in this book, but somehow I found them less irksome than usual – I was even able to get into it a bit at one point which is pretty unusual, so I guess that’s why it seems to be popular with the romance-craving crowd!

Despite that minor redeeming factor, I’m thoroughly glad it’s over. Bring on some nice tasteful old classics – secret smiles, blushes and dance cards, thank you very much!

1.5 stars.

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