Sisters One. Two. Three

This wasn’t a bad read but it was a little bit vanilla. I liked the idea of the family secret, and our initial graded exposure to the key event was well done and engaging. However, the reveal was anticlimactic and I felt like we didn’t get enough about Callie, who could have been a really interesting character. The sideline plots about the runaway(ish) daughter and the mother’s gentleman friend, Casper, weren’t really explored or resolved, begging the question of why they were included at all. I kept waiting for them to tie in or become relevant, especially when Casper reappears at the end, but nothing. It would have added a lot to hear some POVs other than that of the main character, Ginger, who basically fretted in an irritating way, about everything, and didn’t do much else for the whole book.  Overall I remained interested enough, it was just a bit meh.

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