Healthy Lunchtime

To greatly simplify what has been a fraught and wearisome few months into a simple sentence… I have recently decided to start eating more healthily.

Along the way I have come across some new and fabulous foodstuffs that were previously unknown to me so I have decided to create some of my own dishes via some home-kitchen-ventures (with varying degrees of success…).

So here is yesterday’s lunch – a baked tortilla wrap filled with grilled butternut squash and peppers in olive oil and halloumi, plus a side salad of lettuce, mushroom, cucumber and any leftover veg that wouldn’t fit in the wrap. A bit of mustard-and-dill sauce (Ikea food) on the side and voila, one of the nicest lunches I’ve ever had. Admittedly I am easy to please (beans on toast 4eva <3!) but this was especially satisfying because it took a bit of effort to make and I knew it was good for me 🙂

Next up, lamb enchiladas – or spaghetti bolognese (wow that was an education in spelling) for my husband who prefers pasta to a wrap (weirdo).

I also ‘threw together’ (Nigella eat your heart out!) a humble-crumble the other night which was lovely – although I think I’ll add some cinnamon and get hold of some icecream for next time. I have to go away tonight but hopefully I’ll be home for good soon and get a chance to experiment, I hear that rhubarb is in season…


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