God is Disappointed in You

So I don’t consider myself to have a good level of comprehension of the bible beyond some vaguely recallable notions of the school assemblies of yore… having read (well, listened to) this book though I finally feel like I have a decent overview of the content, woohoo! GIDIY really condenses the books of the bible into easy to understand (often blunt and mockingly funny) basic points. I can imagine there are Christians out there who would hate this – then again I think there will be some who can appreciate the humour and see how useful it is in deciphering the old twirly-blah language of the old St. James’ version (the author even mentions that some vicars have asked to reference GIDIY in their sermons!). It is a lot of information to take in at once – and it is pretty fast flowing and relentless, so you probably need to dip in and out or it is easy to lose the thread. Nonetheless, I feel much better informed now. The downside of the audiobook is that you don’t get the cartoon illustrations by Shannon Wheeler referred to by the author – I can imagine these would add a lot to the experience (isn’t the cover great?) and might see about getting the ebook. 🙂

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