Lovely figurative language, and the diary format worked really well. I was listening to the audio version and the grammar/accent of the dutchman Van Helsing were brilliantly enacted by the narrator. If the syntax of the words is accurate to the text then I’m dead impressed (pun!!) by Mr. Stoker’s observation. All in all, the first three quarters were gorgeous and engrossing, but the ending could use a good deal of editing. I don’t know how many times I really needed to hear Mina’s repetitive reports under hypnosis, and then (adding insult to injury) to have the lack of change in the reports commented on. Another peeve was the overuse of certain adjectives, it was all “voluptuous this” and “bloated that” – great words in moderation I’ve no doubt, but try cracking open a thesaurus now and then!  3 stars.

Nothing on Buffy – although I understand a lot more of the literary references from that certain episode now. Much prefer Rudolf Martin to Stoker’s dracula too. And the less said about Bela Lugosi the better…




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