Late April Fools

Was just informed of the most awesome news story going – it may have reached me late, but surely it can never be too late to share such a momentous display of yellow-solidarity!

“YELLOW cars from as far as Scotland and Cornwall will be coming to Bibury to show solidarity with an elderly man who lost his beloved car, blamed for destroying a picturesque view in the village.

The bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa in Arlington Row, Bibury caused a social media storm in 2015 after photographers and tourists said it spoiled their photos of the area.

Peter Maddox, 84, found his car vandalised on the morning of Monday, January 23, with windows smashed, paint scratched and the words ‘Freddie Move’ scratched into the bonnet.”

“It may have been April 1st but this was certainly no April Fool’s Day stunt. Around 100 bright yellow cars drove in convoy through the quiet picturesque Cotswold village of Bibury.

They arrived in a show of solidarity. Around one hundred yellow cars of all shapes and sizes and of all makes and models beeping their way through Bibury.
And it wasn’t just brightly coloured cars that turned out. There were villagers in their waders and bikers dressed as bananas.”

Thank you human race –  Spuddy3 akaBananaCar and I would have been there had we been able Mr. Maddox! 🙂

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